Sterling Silver 3D Wizard Hat with Moon and Stars Pendant
Sterling Silver 3D Wizard Hat with Moon and Stars Pendant

Sterling Silver 3D Wizard Hat with Moon and Stars Pendant

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Pendant with Jump Ring
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3D Wizard Hat Charm
Overall Size : 18mm x 14mm x 14mm = ~3/4" x 9/16" x 9/16"
Metal : .925 Silver - Sterling Silver
Fantasy Jewelry - Made in the USA
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Witch's Hat Symbolism / Folklore
Because worn on the head hats are symbolic of wisdom and intelligence. The pointed form of the witch's and wizard's hat represents the cone of power.

Cone of Power Symbolism / Folklore - The cone of power has been associated with the circle, the symbol of the sun, unity, eternity, rebirth and the triangle. Incidents of cones of power have been recorded in history. In parts of ancient Syria, the cone was a symbol of Astrate. The cone has been symbolized by tall, conical hats worn by magicians and witches. Witches have claimed victories against hostile forces with the use of cones of power. In 1588 witches helped to defeat the Spanish Armada by hailing a cone of power, and in the 1700 witches raised this power against Napoleon. In 1940 there was much fear the Hitler would invade England which resulted in producing 'Operation Cone of Power' on Lammas Day, August 1. Hundreds of witches from covens throughout southern England gathered skyclad in New Forest to send Hitler and his generals telepathic thoughts to stay out of England. The German armies never invaded the country. Whether or not the witches' messages were beneficial is not certain.