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SilverEnchantments.com sells to all individual consumers and businesses with discounts available to all buyers. Unless you live in (or are shipping to) the State of Arizona and wish tax-exempt status, No Business License is Required to purchase general merchandise from our website.
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Volume Order Discounts -- Place Code in Box and Hit the 'Go!' Button to Apply -- When your order Qualifies, your discount will be given.

Amount - CODE - Discount
$150 - SE150 - 10% off
$500 - SE500 - 15% off
$1000 - SE1000 - 30% off

PLEASE NOTE : Discounts above are valid on Regular, Base-priced Items Only. Excludes : Bulk Packs, Sale Items, Closeout Items, Clearance Items, Tier-Discounted Items, Daily Deals, Gift Certificates, One-of-a-kind Items, Custom-Cast/Custom-Made Items, and Molds (Soap or Candy). Discounts are Non-Stackable.


General Info Regarding Discounts and Coupon Codes
  • Sorry, a coupon or discount cannot be applied after an order has been placed.
  • All Discounts and Codes are Non-stackable.... Sorry, no double-dipping.


    Sales Tax : We only collect sales tax for residents of Arizona. We do not collect sales tax, usage taxes or VAT taxes for any other state or country.

    Arizona Tax Exemption : If you are a business based in Arizona, and wish to be tax-exempt, we require a copy of your sales tax license AND Arizona's Official Tax Exemption Form in order to provide a sales tax exemption. Please send us a copy of your Sales Tax License and a filled out and signed Arizona's Form 5000A Resale Tax Exemption Form via one of the methods PRIOR to placing your order. You will receive an email from us when we have received the copy, by whatever method you use.

    - Scan & email as an attachment - JPEG or GIF are good formats - Send to : Sales (at-symbol) SilverEnchantments.com

    - (Snail) mail: Silver Enchantments, PO Box 1136, Benson, AZ 85602

    If you live in Arizona and we have your sales tax license on file, we will adjust your account so it will not add tax to your on-line orders. Please contact us if you have already submitted the required documentation and we have not made that adjustment.