Charms and Pendants by Material

Silver Enchantments carries the largest selection of one of a kind hand-cast charms, pendants, and amulets in a variety of styles and materials, from Solid Sterling Silver to Stone or Pewter. We're sure you'll find something to 'charm' you!

If there's ever a pendant or charm style you need that we do not cast or carry, please feel free to Contact Us -- We're always open to your suggestions. 

Ever wonder how the things we cast are made? Check out our Lost Wax Casting Process

An amulet is a small object that a person wears, carries, or offers to a deity because she or he believes that it will magically bestow a particular power or form of protection. The conviction that a symbol, form, or concept provides protection, promotes well-being, or brings good luck is common to all societies -- In our own, we commonly wear religious symbols, carry a found penny, or a rabbit's foot.