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Sterling Silver Skull
Sterling Silver Skull

Sterling Silver Skull Charm, 3D

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Sterling Silver 3D Skull Charms
Overall approx Size : 18mm x 8mm x 10mm = 3/4" tall x 5/16" wide x 3/8+" deep -3-Dimensional Charm
Made in the USA
Metal : 925 - Solid Sterling Silver
Charm and pendant measurements do not include the length of any removable attachments. These will vary some, but a standard jump ring would add about 4mm (~1/8") onto the overall length.
Sold by : Charm, Necklace or Earring(s)
made in the usa


The most common symbolic use of the skull is as a representation of death and mortality. The skull can also symbolize nonconformity, free-thinking, rebelliousness, toughness, courage, and bravery in the face of death or danger. For many, the skull is a humble reminder of our temporary existence in this physical world and celebrates the memory and wisdom of the ancestors.