Sterling Silver Moon Goddess
Sterling Silver Moon Goddess

Sterling Silver Goddess Pendant, Crescent Moon Dancer

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Sterling Silver Celestial Moon Dancer Pendants
Overall Bailed Size : 28mm x 18mm = ~1-1/8" tall x 3/4" wide
Metal : Solid .925 Sterling Silver
Goddess Jewelry - Made in the USA
Sold by : Charm-Pendant
made in the usa

Moon Symbolism | Moon Folklore - The Moon was the first calendar with its constant and measurable cycles. The ancients understood this and realized that they where One with the Moon. Just as the Moon is One with the earth and the tides of the great seas they also saw she was one with the tides of life. The monthly cycles of women correlated closely with the cycles of the Moon is such a way that it was awed and revered and even worshiped as the Triple Goddess, the virgin, mother, and wise crone.

The earliest Egyptian calendar was based on the moon's cycles. The Mayans of Central America relied not only on the sun and moon, but also the planet Venus, to establish 260-day and 365-day calendars. Muslims use a purely lunar calendar. They measured the passing of time (longer than weeks) only by months. Celtic Irish Druids, has 13 months and a day. Each month has 28 days and is named for a tree which signifies in quality each particular lunar cycle. Inherent in the original calendar, which was a carefully guarded secret, were the keys to knowledge and the code for the Druidic alphabet.