Sterling Silver Large 3D Bailed Quan Yin Pendant
Sterling Silver Large 3D Bailed Quan Yin Pendant

Sterling Silver Quan Yin Pendant, Lg 3D Bailed

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A Beautiful 3D Bailed Sterling Silver Quan Yin Pendant that can also be used as an altar statue.

Quan Yin Pendant or Altar Statue
Overall Size, approx : 48mm x 12mm x 10mm
Metal : .925 Silver - Solid Sterling Silver
Goddess Jewelry - Made in the USA
made in the usa

Quan Yin is one of the most universally beloved of deities in the Buddhist tradition. Also known as Kuan Yin, Quan'Am (Vietnam), Kannon (Japan), and Kanin (Bali), She is the embodiment of compassionate loving kindness. As the Bodhisattva of Compassion, She hears the cries of all beings. Quan Yin enjoys a strong resonance with the Christian Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and the Tibetan goddess Tara. For centuries, Kuan Yin has epitomized the great ideal of Mahayana Buddhism in her role as bodhisattva (Chinese : p'u-sa)--literally 'a being of bodhi, or enlightenment,' who is destined to become a Buddha but has foregone the bliss of Nirvana with a vow to save all children of God. Quan Yin carries the Goddess and Divine Mother aspect of Buddhism. The same Goddess and Divine energy carried by the Virgin Mary in Christianity. In the Egyptian mysteries it is carried by Isis. In Hinduism it is carried by Shakti, wife of Vishnu, by Parvarti, wife of Shiva, by Radha, wife of Krishna, and by Sita, wife of Rama. She is most frequently invoked as a Goddess of Compassion.