Lotus Necklace
Lotus Necklace

Lotus Necklace

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Silver Lotus Pendant
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A Silver Plated Lotus Pendant on Necklace Chain. Bailed and measuring just over 1-1/4-inches tall and 1-inch in diameter, this Lotus Necklace Pendant is an Openwork Floral Design.

A little about the Lotus - The lotus (Sesen) is a symbol of the Sun, Creation, Rebirth and Enlightenment. Because at night the flower closes and sinks underwater, at dawn it rises and opens again. According to one creation myth it was a giant lotus which first rose out of the watery chaos at the beginning of time. From this giant lotus the sun itself rose on the first day. A symbol of Upper Egypt. Aside from being a beautiful flower, the lotus is also a sacred flower in Hindu and Buddhist traditions among others. The Lotus is also a spiritual reminder that no matter how muddy the water may be, we can rise, blossom, and come out more beautiful than ever.