Filigree Butterfly Pendant
Filigree Butterfly Pendant

Tibetan Silver Filigree Butterfly Pendant, Butterfly Necklace

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Pendant Only
Pendant on Plain Cord [+$1.00]
Pendant on Finished Necklace Cord [+$3.50]
Pendant on 18-inch SP Necklace Chain [+$5.00]
Single Earring on Silver Plated Earwire [+$1.00]
Single Earring on STERLING Earwire [+$3.00]
Navel Ring | Belly Ring [+$10.00]
Tibetan Silver Filigree Butterfly Pendant | Butterfly Necklace
Overall Pendant Size, approx : 24mm x 28mm
Sold by : Pendant or Necklace

Butterfly Symbolism - Butterfly magic helps one to view matters with greater clarity, and reminds us to take time to 'smell & taste' the flowers. In many cultures the butterfly is thought to be the souls of the dead and keepers of power. There is said to be no negative energies present in any otherworld area when there is the presence of butterflies.