Owl Earrings, Brass Owl Earrings with Topaz
Owl Earrings, Brass Owl Earrings with Topaz

Athena's Owl Earrings, Bronze Owl Dangle Earrings with Topaz Crystal

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Owl Earrings
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Sacred Bird of Athena, these Owl Earrings are Magickal! Handmade with antiqued brass and topaz crystal beads, these cute owl earrings, measure just over 1-3/4-inches long - the Beaded Brass Owl Charm with Topaz Crystal Teardrop itself measures just over 1-inch. Lead and Nickel-free. These Crystal Owl Earrings come carded and ready to wear or give as a Gift.

Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom had a companion Owl on her shoulder, which revealed unseen truths to her. Owl had the ability to light up Athena's blind side, enabling her to speak the whole truth, as opposed to only a half truth. With wide-open, all-seeing eyes, Owl looks upon reality without distortion and acknowledges it, yet is aware that with ancient magickal and spiritual knowledge, s/he can make changes. Wisdom is embodied by the all-knowing owl, a timeless symbol of intelligence and understanding.


In Stock and Ready to Ship
In Stock and Ready to Ship