Orange Chalcedony Earrings in Solid .925 Silver Evil Eye Earrings

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Crafted in Solid .925 Sterling Silver, these Dangle Earrings feature Textured Eye-shaped Focals with Faceted Orange Chalcedony / Carnelian Teardrops. You'll receive the EXACT pair pictured.

Carnelian Evil Eye Dangle Earrings
Metal : Solid .925 Silver Construction (hallmarked)
Length : 1.9" / 48mm from earwire top to 3D Faceted Teardrop Gemstone Bottom
Width : 8mm (the carnelian/orange chalcedony).
Sold by : Pair
You'll receive the EXACT Pair Pictured.
OOAK # : GSP448

CARNELIAN / ORANGE CHALCEDONY - Carnelian (sometimes referred to as Cornelian) is a translucent orange to red to brown form of Chalcedony. In Ancient Egypt, Carnelian was associated with the heart, and the resurrection of mummies. In the Middle Ages, it was used for protection against nightmares, mind-readers, and lightning. Today, Carnelian is often used by crystal healers to impart courage, promote positive life choices, dispel apathy and to motivate success. Primary Chakras : Root and Sacral

Just as Carnelians have protected and inspired throughout history, so have Evil Eye Amulets -- which is why these 2 were paired!


In Stock and Ready to Ship
In Stock and Ready to Ship