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Zuni Bear Charm
Zuni Bear Charm

Gold Plated Zuni Bear Charm

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CLEARANCE Gold Plated Zuni Bear Charms
Size : 18mm x 20mm
Bear Jewelry - Made in the USA
Sorry, this item Does Not Come with a Jump-ring.
Bear is thought to possess diplomacy equal to its great strength. It is the emblem of ferocity in the protection of kindred. A bear is also a symbol of healing and personal health, strength and bravery. Many Native American traditions see Bear as a shaman, and a creature of dreams and powerful visions. The power of the Bear totem is the power of introspection. The answers to all our questions lie within us. When you have a Bear totem, you are being guided to a leadership role. You must be fearless in defending your beliefs. Bears are quiet, swift and very protective of the family. To many, the bear is the symbol of maternal protection.

Made in the USA Gold Plated Jewelry Findings and Charms - We've broken into the Vault & are now offering the last of the Gold Plated Items we Cast. Given that Joe is now over 70, and he is Our Casting King, to lighten his load, we stopped casting and plating these Charms, Pendants and Jewelry Findings. Once items are sold out, they will be Gone Forever. This is a closeout non-returnable item.



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