Large Hole Dangle Bracelet Charm or Necklace Pendant
Large Hole Dangle Bracelet Charm or Necklace Pendant

Bee Pendant, Bee Large Hole Bracelet Charm or Necklace Pendant

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Features a Double-Sided Happy Bee and a Scroll Heart-Vine Patterned Large Hole Bail

Bee Symbolism - Bee is industrious. Though singularly possessing little intelligence, when combined with others of their hive seem to be able to accomplish any task to which they set their minds. Bee is associated with the elements Air and Earth. In magic, Bee is a structure-maker, a creator. It represents communication and cooperation. Bees are also useful for enhancing protective energy, especially of the family and the home.

Overall Measures : 30mm (1.25") long x 18mm (just under 3/4") wide. The bead-bail hole size is approximately 5mm, and it is compatible with nearly all of the well-known brand-name add-a-bead style jewelry systems.

This can also be slid onto a cord, chain, or ribbon, and worn as a pendant. Sorry, cord is not included.