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Cat Soap Mold
Bastet Egyptian Cat Full Bar Soap Mold
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Cat Soap Mold

Part Number SMLD032
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Bastet - Cat Soap Molds
Cat Soap Bar Casting: 4-1/4" tall x 3-7/8" wide x 1/2" thick
Cavities per Mold Sheet: 2
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PLEASE NOTE : WHEN SOLD OUT THESE CAT SOAP MOLDS WILL BE GONE FOREVER -- The Original Designer & Creator of Our Soap & Candy Molds (who, BTW is a long-time family friend), is no longer producing these ... When Sold Out, they're Gone!

This mold is not designed to be used for chocolate or candy making! Please see our Cat Candy Mold instead. FOR U.S. CUSTOMERS ONLY -- Soap Molds are bagged in clear poly bag with header card. Average size of mold sheets are 8-3/4" x 8-3/4" with a totally flat back for clean scrapping of soap to the edge after filling. This facilitates easy clean up and less waste. Designed for both the professional and home hobby soap maker.

Bastet Egyptian Cat Goddess Symbolism
Bast is the Egyptian Goddess and protector of cats, women and children. She is Goddess of the sunrise, love, fertility, birth, music and dance. Bast is the Goddess of the moon and possessor of the Utchat. The all seeing eye of her brother Horus. Her scared city is Bubastis, was in lower Egypt (the northern part). Bubastis signifies 'The House of Cats' in ancient Egyptian. Bast feast day is celebrated on October 31. The Egyptians celebrated the feast of Bast with merry making, music, dancing, drinking much like our modern Mardi Gras. Bast is often shown holding a sistrum (a type of rattle), during the celebrating, worshipers shuck a sistrum. Bast has a twin sister name Sekhmet. Together the twin sisters formed the 'Yin Yang' of Egyptian religion. Bastet being the positive force and Sekhmet being the destructive force. Bast is depicted in art many ways, the most common is the body of young woman with the head of a domestic cat. (Her sister, Sekhmet is shown with the head of a lioness). Another popular form of Bast, is her earthly form, a seated cat, when in this form her name changes to Bastet. Bast's sacred color is green.
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