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Tiger's Eye Buddha Bracelet
Tiger's Eye Buddha Bracelet

Buddha Bracelet with Tiger's Eye Gemstones

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Unisex Buddha Bracelet featuring Genuine Tiger's Eye Gemstone Beads in 8mm size with Antiqued Brass Buddha Bead and Antiqued Copper Spacer Accents. On Stretch for a comfy fit, the beaded area measures just over 7-1/2-inches. Presented in a drawstring pouch. As these are hand-made by us, if you need a larger size, just drop us a line!

Tiger's Eye - A powerful gemstone of good luck that aids harmony and balance, and helps one to release fear and anxiety. Traditionally Tiger's Eye was carried as an amulet against curses or ill-wishing, and is known to give one courage, self confidence and strength of will. Primary Chakra : Solar Plexus


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