Sterling Silver Maiden Goddess Charm
Sterling Silver Maiden Goddess Charm

Sterling Silver Goddess Charm, Maiden

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This Detailed, Beader-Bailed Goddess in Profile Charm is hand-cast here in the USA in Genuine Solid .925 Sterling Silver. Measuring 17mm tall x 10mm wide, this bailed charm has an approximate 2mm opening -- The perfect size for your Beaded Earrings, Necklaces or Bracelet Designs.

Sterling Silver Maiden Goddess Charms with Flower
Overall Bailed Size : 17mm x 10mm = just under 3/4" x 3/8"
Bail Opening : ~2mm, Beader-Bailed
Metal : Solid .925 Sterling Silver
Goddess Jewelry - Made in the USA
Sold by : Charm
made in the usa

The concept of the Great Goddess as The Triple Goddess, young woman (Maiden), birth-giving matron (Mother), and an old woman (Crone), dates from the earliest ages of mankind. This concept was embraced by many different mythologies from many different parts of the world. The Vikings had the Norns (Urdu/Verdandi/Skuld), the Romans had the Fortunae (Concordia/Salus/Pax), the Druids had Diana Triformis, the Greeks had the Moirae, Graeae, Horae, etc. Mother, Maiden, Crone attributes are also ascribed to the three phases of the moon:
the Maiden, which corresponds to the new moon;
the Mother, which corresponds to the full moon;
and the
Crone, which is the waning moon.



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