Quartz Crystal Point Pendant, 29x8.5mm Chakra Necklace
Quartz Crystal Point Pendant, 29x8.5mm

Quartz Crystal Point Pendant, 29x8.5mm Chakra Necklace

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Pendant on 18-inch SP Chain [+$5.00]
Faceted Quartz Crystal Point Pendant
Each Gemstone Pendant is one-of-a-kind & has separate listing.
Shape : Point
Materials : Quartz Crystal Gemstone, Sterling Silver Plated
Gemstone Size : 29mm long x 8.5mm thick, tapering
Hanger and Bail adds an additional ~10mm
Color : Quartz Crystal -- These are Quartz Crystal pieces with NATURAL phantoms, inclusions, etc. They are NOT perfectly clear.
Sold by : Pendant or Necklace - One-of-a-Kind - You'll receive the one pictured.

Quartz Crystals have a long and lengthy history with regards to spiritual uses. Quartz has been used throughout the centuries to divine the future and commune with spirits. The stone's ability to align one's psychic self with the cosmos is often ascribed to the stone's piezoelectric properties.