Pink Jasper-Agate Cabochon, 33x22mm

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Gorgeous Arizona Jasp-Agate Cabochon - This beautiful freeform cabochon features lovely natural-color swirling colors of mauve-pink to purples with touches of grey-silver and rust -- Pockets of crazy lace are also dotted throughout -- as Mother Nature can do!... Cut from agate self-collected from Dixie Peak near the Chimney Beds in Arizona. This cabochon measures 33.2mm long (1.31") by 22.0mm wide (0.87") by 4.4mm at thickest point -- will make an excellent addition to any rock and mineral collection - or wrap to make a superb one-of-a-kind pendant.

Measurements : 33.2mm x 22.0mm and 4.4mm in thickness.
Weight: 20.0 Carats.
OOAK Item # : CAB-281-B

Rocky Ridge Lapidary by Michelle designer cabochons are always handmade and diamond polished. The backside of my cabochons are considered semi-finished, and will generally have a slight edge bevel to reduce the chance of chipping should you wish to bezel-set rather than wire-wrap or use in seed bead-embroidery jewelry creations.


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