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Spiral Wrapped Moonstone Necklace Silver 18-inch Pencil Point Necklace Single Terminated Wand
Spiral Wrapped Moonstone Necklace Silver 18-inch Pencil Point Necklace Single Terminated Wand

Moonstone Pendant Necklace, Spiral Wrapped Wand Necklace

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Moonstone Necklace
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Spiral Wire Wrapped MoonStone with Tourmaline Necklace -- Natural White Moonstone Single-Terminated Gemstone Points with Black Tourmaline Inclusions wrapped to create Lovely Pendants. Also very useful as a Portable Pendulum!

Moonstone carries lunar energy and helps to balance emotional upsets. Moonstone is associated with the moon and was the stone of the goddess Diana. The most powerful time to use the moonstone is in a full moon. Moonstone has a gentle energy that helps to ease stresses and feelings of anxiousness. It can be used to enhance intuition. Moonstone is a good crystal tool for anyone who wishes to reflect on past circumstances to learn life lessons from. It is also useful as a manifesting tool, drawing in your desires. Crystal Healers use Moonstone to stimulate the functioning of the pineal gland and balance internal hormone cycles with nature's rhythms.

Black Tourmaline is a powerful stone for the Root Chakra, Black Tourmaline is a grounding stone used for protecting one's energy field against negative vibrations, and also for drawing negative energies away from a person. It can also have a calming effect when needed, grounding flighty or scattered energies into the earth. This crystal cleanses, purifies, and transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration.

These Wire-Wrapped Natural Wrapped Moonstone Necklaces come on an 18-inch or 24-inch Necklace Chain. Each Moonstone is unique because the stones are all natural and not man-made. Each Moonstone with Tourmaline Point is at least 30mm (over 1-inch) long to over 35mm long x 10mm to 13mm wide. Overall they measure approximately 1-1/2" to over 2" bailed. Silver plated necklace chain is 18-inches with a Lobster Clasp Closure. You will receive (1) One Necklace -- photos show examples.

As the name suggests moonstones are strongly connected to the moon and lunar energies. Rainbow Moonstone intensifies the feminine Goddess energies. This beautiful crystal has a powerful vibration that heightens psychic abilities, aids one in embracing their spiritual gifts, and assists women to recognize and embrace their innate personal power.