Crystal Pentacle Bracelet
Crystal Pentacle Bracelet

Crystal Bracelet with Pentacle, Pentagram Wrap Bracelet with Clear Quartz Crystal, Pagan Jewelry, Crystal Wrap Gemstone Pentacle Bracelet

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Crystal Pentacle Bracelet
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These Beautiful Wrap Bracelets feature Quartz Crystal Chips on Memory Wire and dangling Pentacle and Crackle Quartz accents. Your Crystal Pentacle Bracelet will come in an Organza Drawstring Pouch and Ready to Wear or Gift.

Clear Quartz Crystal - also called Rock Crystal - Quartz has a long and lengthy history with regards to spiritual uses. It has been used throughout the centuries to divine the future and commune with spirits. The stone's ability to align one's psychic self with the cosmos is often ascribed to the stone's piezoelectric properties. Crystal Healers consider Clear Quartz a 'Master Healer' gemstone.

The Pentacle is simply a pentagram (star) with a circle around it. This symbolizes eternity, totality, and unity. It emphasizes the inter-connectivity of all of the elements. The direct and indirect relation of one element to the other. Traditionally, each of the five angles has been attributed to the five metaphysical elements of the ancients: EARTH: (lower left hand corner) represents stability and physical endurance. FIRE: (lower right hand corner) represents courage and daring. WATER: (upper right hand corner) represents emotions and intuition. AIR: (upper left hand corner) represents intelligence and the arts. SPIRIT: (at the topmost point) represents the All and the Divine.

Quartz Crystal Wrap Bracelet with Dangling Pentacle
Materials : Quartz Crystal Chips, Crackle Quartz Crystal Bead, Tibetan Silver Pentacle-Pentagram, Silver Plated Headpin, Tibetan Silver Beadcaps, Silvertone Ball Beads, Memory Wire, Love
As these are Made with Natural Gemstone Materials, please expect slight variation from bracelet to bracelet
You'll Receive One (1) Bracelet.


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