Water Buffalo Tooth Pendant
Water Buffalo Tooth Pendant

Water Buffalo Teeth Pendants, Bone Tooth, Natural Teeth Beads, Taxidermy

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Water Buffalo Teeth Pendants | Bone Beads - Natural Material - Please note, these are completely natural beads. Part of the beauty is that they are all different and show the beauty of nature. Because of this, every bone is different and special but the dimensions below are estimates.

Shape: Water Buffalo Teeth Sizes: (Average) Length 30mm to 50mm
Width 10mm to 14mm
Height 5mm to 8mm
Hole size 1.5 to 2mm
Material: Water Buffalo Teeth
Color: Bone
Sold by : Tooth | Piece - 5 pieces minimum

These are hand cured and drilled in India. The Cattle used in making these beads are not butchered for their bones, they are eaten as food for families.