Aventurine Gemstone Cross Necklace
Aventurine Gemstone Cross Necklace

Aventurine Cross Necklace, Green Aventurine Gemstone Cross Jewelry - Everyday Christian Jewelry

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Aventurine Gemstone Cross Pendant Necklace - Made of Natural Green Aventurine Gemstone material, these Stone Cross Charms are bailed and ready to wear on your choice of Necklace Chain length. Each one is unique. Picture shows examples of a charm you will receive.

Green Aventurine is also called the 'Stone of Opportunity' -- the Gemstone of Success. Often used to strengthen ones leadership capabilities and determination. Considered to bring good fortune. Its soothing energy also helps to balance the emotional body.

Stone Cross Size : average 25mm x 18mm x 5mm thick
Silver Plated bail adds an additional 7mm to overall size
Gemstone Material : Aventurine
Sold by : Necklace
As these are gemstone material and hand-cut, please expect variations.

Aventurine is a form of quartz that is characterized by the presence of mineral inclusions. Aventurine beads are semi-transparent stones; it is most commonly green in color naturally.


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