6mm Cube Tiger Eye Beads
6mm Cube Tiger Eye Beads

6mm Tiger Eye Cube Beads

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Cube Tiger Eye Beads
Overall Size approx : 6mm
Count : average 60+ beads per strand
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Tiger's Eye Quartz Beads - Tiger eye is also often called 'tiger's eye'. Our Tiger Eye Beads display lustrous, chatoyant stripes of brown and golden yellow. These beautiful stripes shimmer and change as the light changes, giving tiger eye its vibrancy and movement. Most deposits of tiger eye can be found in South Africa, India, Burma, Australia, Namibia and the United States (California). The stone is universally thought to bring good fortune and to protect a person from the 'Evil Eye'. A golden brown gem, Natural Tiger Eye is said to be ruled by the life-giving Sun and so is thought to bring courage during dark times. Natural Healers use Tiger's Eye to help a person's confidence.