Sterling Silver Female Symbol Pendant
Sterling Silver Female Symbol Pendant

Sterling Silver Venus Charm-Pendant, Female Symbol Planet Glyph

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Charm-Pendant with Jump Ring Only
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Single Sterling Earring [+$3.00]
Sterling Silver Female Symbol Charm-Pendant or Necklace| Venus Symbol Jewelry
Overall Pendant Size, approx : 27mm x 14mm = ~1-1/16" x 9/16"
Metal : Solid .925 Sterling Silver
Symbolic Jewelry - Made in the USA
Comes with a Sterling Silver Jump-ring (not shown).
Please note that pendant measurements do not include the length of any removable attachments. These will vary some, but a standard jump ring adds about 4mm (~1/8") onto the overall length.
Sold by Charm-Pendant, Necklace or Earring(s)
made in america

The Female Symbol is borrowed from the astrological glyph of the planet Venus. It represents women and feminine energy, and in recent decades has been used to symbolize feminism and woman power. It is composed of the circle of unity and the cross of earth. Feminine energy is seen as yin - receptive and magnetic. Venus symbolizes attraction of all kinds, infatuation, desire, attachment, and emotional needs. Venus has dominion over intimacy and sexual energy and desire in the woman; it also signifies sex appeal, beauty, grace, fashion and being fashionable, socializing and sociability, partnerships and the act of unification (weddings), but not the marriage itself. Venus has dominion over combining and coordinating different things, including parts of the body, countries, companies, ideas, and any two things whatsoever. Venus rules the companion and companionship, friendship and friends, being together, joining, cooperating, and merging; also possessions, money, social standing, jewels and adornment, and luxury. It is representative of charm, harmony, and a sense of humor. Venus is a benefic, and therefore symbolizes good luck and elevated levels. A benefic is a term of ancient astrology referring to a planet that is highly beneficial and one that brings good luck or high levels of something beneficial and helpful, as well as victory and championships. Mars is a sexual planet, fraternal symbolism with Venus.


> You can Customize this Venus Symbol into a Necklace -- Choose from your choice of Sterling Silver Chain Length (see last pic for current chain style). When selecting on SS Chain, your Solid Sterling Silver Venus Symbol Necklace will come Boxed.