Unakite Beads, 4mm Round
4mm Round Unakite Beads

Unakite Beads, 4mm Round

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CLEARANCE Wholesale 4mm Round Unakite Beads - Natural Unakite gemstone beads add autumn-like color tones to create a warm, earthy jewelry style. This gemstone is also called Epidote with Feldspar. Unakite is a blend of two minerals, one pistachio green epidote and other salmon pink orthoclase feldspar with an occasionally display of quartz inclusions. This gemstone is rapidly gaining popularity for its beautiful, natural color combination and durability. Because it combines the pink (feminine) with the green (masculine), it is thought to bring emotional balance and alignment.

Unakite Gemstone Beads
Size : ~4mm
Hole : ~0.80mm
Style : Round, Sphere
Count : average 95+ beads / strand
Sold by : Industry-standard Strand - 3 min.
Each bead has a unique and beautiful mixture of color and pattern. Pattern and size may vary slightly. Occasionally this gem is listed as Epidotized Granite or Grandodiorite, but Unakite is the most commonly known.