Thor's Hammer Soap Mold
Thor's Hammer Soap Mold

Thor's Hammer Soap Mold

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Thor's Hammer Soap Molds
Thor's Hammer size: 3-1/2" tall x 3" wide
Cavities per sheet: 4
Sold by : Sheet containing 4 cavities.

PLEASE NOTE : WHEN SOLD OUT THESE THOR'S HAMMER SOAP MOLDS WILL BE GONE FOREVER -- The Original Designer & Creator of Our Soap & Candy Molds (who, BTW is a long-time family friend), is no longer producing these ... When Sold Out, they're Gone!

This mold is not designed to be used for candy or chocolate making! Please see our Thor's Hammer Candy Mold instead.

Low Melt Ritual Soap Molds - Soap Mold is bagged in clear poly bag with header card. Molds are made from white HIPS plastic.

FOR U.S. CUSTOMERS ONLY -- Soap Molds are bagged in clear poly bag with parchment header card. Average size of mold sheets are 8-3/4" x 8-3/4" with a totally flat back for clean scrapping of soap to the edge after filling. This facilitates easy clean up and less waste. Designed for both the professional and home hobby soap maker.

Thor's Hammer Symbolism / Lore
Thor's Hammer (also called Mjollnir) is a symbol of protection, creativity, and fertility. Often used to hallow things and people, including the Bride at weddings. In essence the hammer symbolizes holiness, lightning and enlightenment. It is a creative tool, like a blacksmith's hammer, and is used as a weapon of war only against the forces of cosmic chaos symbolized by the Giants -- against which Thor fights in many Norse myths.