Sterling Silver 3D Mermaid Charm
Sterling Silver 3D Mermaid Charm

Sterling Silver 3D Mermaid Charm, 22x11x8mm Mermaid Jewelry

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Charm with Jump Ring
Charm on Plain Cord [+$1.00]
Charm on Finished Necklace Cord [+$3.50]
Charm on 18-inch SP Necklace Chain [+$5.00]
Single Earring [+$3.00]
Navel Ring | Belly Ring [+$7.00]
Sterling Silver 3D Mermaid Charms
Overall Size : 22mm x 11mm x 8mm = ~7/8" x 7/16" x 5/16"
Material : Sterling Silver
Fantasy Jewelry - Made in the USA - Why pay $28.60 on Amazon?

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Mermaid Symbolism | Siren Folklore
These mystical sea-dwelling creature are commonly represented as having the head and body of a woman and a fishtail instead of legs. Belief in mermaids, and in their counterpart, mermen, has existed since earliest times. They are often described as having great beauty and charm, which they use to lure sailors to their deaths (see Siren lore below). In some legends they assumed human shape and married mortals.

Sea Siren Folklore
In Greek mythology, as daughters of Phorcus or of Achelous, the Sirens inhabited an island surrounded by dangerous rocks. They sang so enchantingly that all who heard were drawn near and shipwrecked. Jason and the Argonauts were saved from them by the music of Orpheus, whose songs were lovelier. Odysseus escaped them by having himself tied securely to a mast and by stoppering-up the ears of his men.