Sterling Silver Gargoyle Earrings
Sterling Silver Gargoyle Earrings

Sterling Silver Gargoyle Earrings, Medieval

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Sterling Silver Gargoyle Earrings
Charm Size : 16mm x 13mm
Solid Sterling Silver Construction
Fantasy Jewelry - Made in the USA
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made in the usa

Since medieval times, gargoyles have leered down from the rooftops of the great cathedrals. Their faces are sometimes fierce, sometimes comical, but these stone demons were never simply decorative. In fact, gargoyles served a dual purpose. Channels were cut into the stone, providing a spout for rain to drain through. Frequently, the gargoyles were carved so that the rain drained from their open mouths. The words gargle and gurgle both derive from the same roots as the word “gargoyle”. The gargoyles second function was to drive away evil spirits with their hideous visages, protecting the building and all who entered therein.



Sterling Silver Gargoyle Charm, Medieval
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