Sterling Silver Dragon Charm
Sterling Silver Dragon Charm

Sterling Silver Oriental Dragon Charm, Emperor Dragon Necklace

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Sterling Silver Oriental Dragon Charms for your bracelet or necklace.

Sterling Silver Dragon Charms
Overall Size : 18mm x 16mm = ~3/4" tall x 5/8" wide
Metal : Solid Sterling Silver
Dragon Jewelry - Made in the USA
Sold by : Charm or Necklace

Eastern Dragon Folklore / Eastern Dragon Symbolism
In China dragons are known as 'Lung'. There are four main kinds of Lung: Tien-lung, The Celestial Dragon: who protect the places of the Gods, Shen-Lung, The Spiritual Dragon: who control the wind and the rain, Ti-Lung, The Earth Dragon which control rivers, and water on the Earth, and Fut's-Lung , The Underworld Dragon which guards precious metals and gems. Separate dragons control the rivers of the North, South, East and West. The commander of all the River Dragons is Great Chien-Tang who is blood red, has a fiery mane, and is 900 feet long. Eastern dragons are portrayed as good, kind, and intelligent. Oriental Dragons have the most recorded history in the world, especially in China going back thousands of years. In history they have a very close link to the weather. It is said that some of the worst flooding in Asia's History were caused when a mortal has upset a dragon. In Chinese history, the 5 toed dragon is the symbol of power, and are considered 'Imperial Dragons'. Long ago, it became law in China that only the Emperor could have a five-clawed dragon displayed on his robes or illustrated on anything the Emperor owned. It was usually a Yellow dragon, thought to be the most superior of all the colored dragons. If someone other than the Emperor was caught wearing the symbol of the 5-toed dragon, he was put to death. Eastern dragons are still shown in parades around the world celebrating the Chinese New Year with the Dragon Dance.