Sterling Silver Celtic Goddess Ear Cuff, Lunar Goddess

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Celebrate the Goddess in YOU! -- A sterling silver Moon Goddess ear cuff for your ear -- A dainty Lunar Goddess suspended from a Celtic-design cuff - Solid .925 Silver. - A 'bracelet for your ear' that doesn't require a piercing...

Decorative Ear Band measures 5mm wide and Goddess is about 3/4" tall.
Completely handmade and cast by US here in the USA.
Cuff is Hallmarked 925.

Lunar Goddess Symbolism - Representing the Goddess or female energies in the Wiccan / Pagan tradition, throughout history the Moon has had a deep and powerful significance on people's lives, and has been worshipped by people all over the world. The Moon has become a symbol representing many different things to many people, and will continually have a deep and significant meaning deep within our soul. In Paganism, the Moon reigns over the worlds of intuition, psychic ability, poetry, rain, emotions, travel, questing, secrets, reflection & meditation, memory, prophecy, plant life, healing, and the march of time.

Moon Symbolism | Moon Folklore - The Moon was the first calendar with its constant and measurable cycles. The ancients understood this and realized that they where One with the Moon. Just as the Moon is One with the earth and the tides of the great seas they also saw she was one with the tides of life. The monthly cycles of women correlated closely with the cycles of the Moon is such a way that it was awed and revered and even worshiped as the Triple Goddess, the virgin, mother, and wise crone.

Silver has always held a value above material and economic considerations. Gifts of silver jewelry in many cultures are given as a symbol of trust, truth, excellence, wisdom and love. It is also a symbol of strength as it can stand the test of time. It is a metal associated with the moon and lunar influences.


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