Smoky Quartz Beads

CLEARANCE Smoky Quartz Beads | Smokey Quartz Beads - The national gem of Scotland, a large smoky quartz crystal sat atop the scepter of Scotland. Most commonly mentioned for relief of depression, anxiety and sadness and to improve a cooperative attitude. Natural Healers use Smokey Quartz crystals to remove negative energy from within the body and surrounding the person. Thought to protect from negative entities during Astral Projection or while entering trances or ethereal realms. The stone is said to draw the negative energy into itself and therefore should be regularly cleansed by moonlight or sunlight. Smoky Quartz is a clear gray or brown variety of crystalline Quartz. Also known as the 'Dream Stone'. Sensual smokey quartz has been a beloved gemstone in jewelry for centuries. Combine these good clarity, finely cut beads with Crystals, Pearls or Citrine. Deep color, transparent beads are light to dark smoke brown. Beautiful additions to mixed-bead creations.
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Smoky Quartz Beads, Round 4mm
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