Tibetan Silver Hamsa Hand Pendant - Both Sides Shown
Tibetan Silver Hamsa Hand Pendant - Both Sides Shown

Large Hamsa Necklace, Hand of Fatima Evil Eye Warding Jewelry

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Large Antique Silver Fancy Hamsa Hand suspended from your choice of necklace chain length with lobster clasp closure. These large Hand of Fatima pendants measure 40mm x 25mm = ~1-9/16" tall x 1" wide and are Double-Sided. All Lead free and Nickel free metals used. Sold by Necklace.

The Hamsa symbolizes the Hand of God, and, regardless of the faith that uses it, is considered a protective sign bringing it's owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune. The Hamsa is also called : The Hand of Miriam, Hand of Fatima, Hamesh Hand, Chamesh Hand, or the Hand of Destiny.


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