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Large Deer Earrings
Large Deer Earrings

Large Deer Earrings, Large Stag Earrings

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Deer in Profile Earrings | Stag Earrings - Suspended from your choice of silver plated or solid sterling silver earwires, the Large Stag Pendants are made of antiqued silver plated zinc alloy pewter. The Stag Earrings dangle almost 2-1/2-inches long from top to bottom. All Lead-free and Nickel-free Metals used. Sold by Pair on your choice of earwire metal. Matching Necklace is Also Available.

Deer and Stag Symbolism - Deer and Stags represent swiftness, gentleness, grace and balance. They teach us the ability to listen and to sacrifice for the greater good. Since ancient times, the Stag is symbolic of the God and the power of the male aspect. -- Deity Associations: Herne, Cernunnos and Artemis