Rose Quartz Beads

Rose Quartz Beads - A major gemstone of Love, Rose Quartz is said to promote all of the good aspects of love -- Tenderness, Comfort, Gentleness, Joy and Hope. Also thought to promote Peace, Happiness and Fidelity in Relationships. Beautiful in its own right, it is mutually complementary with other pastel gemstones. Its lovely feminine color is enhanced by Amethyst, Pearls, and Agate. See Also : Cherry Quartz Beads, Smokey Quartz Beads and/or Crystal Quartz Beads. If you are a professional jeweler who displays as Art / Craft Faires, please always to be sure to keep your Jewelry containing Rose Quartz Beads out of direct sunlight.
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Rose Quartz Beads, Rondelle 6mm
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Rose Quartz Beads, Tube 13x4mm