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Rhodonite Beads
Rhodonite Beads

Rhodonite Beads, Briolette Curved

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Part Number: BD2886-STRAND
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CLEARANCE Rhodonite Briolette Beads
Size : 18mm x 10mm
Count : 14 beads / strand
Style / Shape : Curve Briolette
Sold by Strand - 3 min.
Rhodonite Gemstone Beads - Considered a strong feminine stone, as in the silk glove over the iron fist, Rhodonite is thought to promote self-esteem and self-confidence. Sometimes called the 'Singer's Stone' as it is said to improve sound-sensitivity. Some consider Rhodonite a gemstone of Love associated with Venus. Resonates with the 4th and 5th Chakras - to help achieve potential and dispel worry. Rhodonite is an opaque, deep rosy pink to lavender semi-precious gemstone with characteristic black runners (called dendrites). Gorgeous with Black Onyx and/or Pearls.