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Gemstone Turtle Necklace Pendant
Gemstone Turtle Necklace Pendant

Pink Sea Turtle Necklace Pendant, Gemstone Turtle Jewelry

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Pink Gemstone Sea Turtle Pendant
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Fan of Sea Turtles? This Pink Gemstone Sea Turtle Necklace Pendant is 3-dimensional and is handcrafted of Pink Magnesite with Silver Plated accents hanging from a Tibetan Silver Bail. You can choose to have the Gemstone Turtle Pendant alone or it can be suspended from an 18-inch Silver Plated Necklace Chain. The Bailed Sea Turtle Gemstone Pendant measures approximately 1-1/4-inches overall and the bail has an approximate 4mm opening. As the Sea Turtles are made from Gemstone Material and the Turtle Pendants are hand-made, please allow for slight variations. Sold by : Pendant or Necklace.

Turtles have been and are held sacred in many traditions. In the Far East the turtle shell is seen as a symbol of heaven while the squarer underside is symbolic of mother earth. And through other traditions such as the Native American tradition, the turtle is a symbol of mother earth and our ability to find happiness on mother earth. Have around you the symbol of turtle when you wish to remain grounded and take joy in what you have been given.