Antique Silver Ladybug Large Hole Bead
Antique Silver Ladybug Large Hole Bead

Antique Silver Pewter Ladybug Large Hole Beads (1)

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Lady Bug Large Hole Bead
Size : 8mm x 12mm | Hole : 4.5mm
Material : Antique Silver Pewter
This large hole bead will fit most European Style chains, charm bracelets, or necklaces.


Ladybug Symbolism - The appearance of a ladybug heralds the coming of luck and the fulfillment of wishes. Ladybugs symbolize Delight, Happiness, Joy, Wishes and Trust. The number of spots on a ladybug's back is supposed to represent how many days (or months) until you get your wish. Another tradition holds that if you catch and release a ladybug, it will fly straight to your true love -- and whisper your name in his or her ear.