Large Hole Dangle Bracelet Charm or Necklace Pendant
Large Hole Dangle Bracelet Charm or Necklace Pendant

Owl Large Hole Bracelet Charm or Necklace Pendant, European Style Big Hole Bead

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Pendant on Plain Cord [+$1.00]
Pendant on 18-inch SP Necklace Chain [+$5.00]
Features a Double-Sided Owl and Granulated Large Hole Bail.

Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom had a companion Owl on her shoulder, which revealed unseen truths to her. Owl had the ability to light up Athena's blind side, enabling her to speak the whole truth, as opposed to only a half truth. With wide-open, all-seeing eyes, Owl looks upon reality without distortion and acknowledges it, yet is aware that with ancient magickal and spiritual knowledge, s/he can make changes.

Overall Measures : 30mm (1.18") long x 9mm (0.35") wide. The bead-bail hole size is approximately 6mm, and it is compatible with all of the well-known brand-name add-a-bead style jewelry systems.

This can also be slid onto a cord, chain, or ribbon, and worn as a pendant. Sorry, cord is not included.