6mm Round Moss Agate Beads
6mm Round Moss Agate Beads

Moss Agate Beads, Round 6mm

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CLEARANCE 6mm Round Moss Agate Beads
Size : ~6mm
Count : avg 65 beads / strand
Sold by : Strand - 5 min.

Moss Agate has long been thought helpful to the farmer and when worn while planting, is thought to ensure a good crop. Often called the 'Gardener's Stone'. Agates have long been thought magickal, curing everything from thirst, the evil-eye, the bites of scorpions (Sicilian Agate), insomnia, bad dreams, intestinal troubles, skin diseases, and increase fertility (green varieties). Like bits of moss floating in a clear river, this agate has intriguing mottled patterns of moss-like inclusions.

Please Note : These are natural gemstone beads and may have natural flaws or inclusions. Pictures are from Actual Inventory. The color you see may vary slightly due to the color calibration of individual monitors. Due to slight variances of natural, hand cut gemstones, size of stones may vary + or - 0.5mm.


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