Moss Agate Beads

Moss Agate Beads - Agate in general, gets its name from the river Achates in Sicily, where it is said to have been discovered. The Moss Agate variety gets its name not from the green moss-lik" inclusions, but rather from the Arabian seaport of Mocha (Al Mukna) on the Red Sea Coast of Yemen where it first became popular. Moss Agate has long been thought helpful to the farmer and when worn while planting, is thought to ensure a good crop. Often called the "Gardener's Stone". Agates have long been thought magickal, curing everything from thirst, the evil-eye, the bites of scorpions (Sicilian Agate), insomnia, bad dreams, intestinal troubles, skin diseases, and increase fertility (green varieties). Like bits of moss floating in a clear river, this agate has intriguing mottled patterns of moss-like inclusions.
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Moss Agate Beads, Round 6mm
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4mm Round Moss Agate Beads
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