Moonstone Headpins, Sterling Silver and Moonstone (2)
Gemstone Headpins, Sterling Silver and Moonstone

Moonstone Headpins, Sterling Silver and Moonstone (2)

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Fancy Gemstone Headpins - When you know your Jewelry designs deserve the best, these Sterling Silver Headpins with Moonstone Gemstone Cabochons are a beautiful choice. These headpins feature 6mm Rainbow Moonstone Cabochons with an Elaborate .925 Sterling Silver Surround and 3-Hole Dangle End. These Headpins with Gemstone measure overall just over 2-inches long -- the pin itself is approximately 20-gauge. MAKE GORGEOUS EARWIRES AS WELL!! -- See Picture for Examples. As they were hand-made with Natural Gemstones and materials, please allow for slight variations. Sold by : Pair

Sterling Silver and Rainbow Moonstone Gemstone Head Pin
Pin Size Info : ~ 20 gauge
Length, approx : ~52mm long
Metal : Solid .925 Sterling Silver
Finish : Antiqued
Hallmarked : Yes
Gemstone : Moonstone
Bottom 3 Holes have ~2mm opening and are spaced ~4.5mm apart at center
Sold by : Pair - 2 Headpins

As the name suggests moonstones are strongly connected to the moon and lunar energies. Rainbow Moonstone intensifies the feminine Goddess energies. This beautiful crystal has a powerful vibration that heightens psychic abilities, aids one in embracing their spiritual gifts, and assists women to recognize and embrace their innate personal power.