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Labradorite Beads, Round 6mm
6mm Round Labradorite Beads
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Labradorite Beads, Round 6mm

Part Number BD4919-STRAND
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CLEARANCE 6mm Labradorite Beads - Smooth Round - Treatment : None - avg 65 beads per strand - Sold by Industry-standard Strand.

Labradorite Beads - An important mystical gemstone, Labradorite is said to bridge the intellectual/scientific with the psychic/mystic worlds. Strongly associated with enhancing all psychic abilities. It is thought to protect the aura from energy leakage, enhance intuition, improve rational thought and help use power wisely. Because it enhances psychic ability, protects, improves the intellect and teaches the responsible use of power, it is referred to as the 'Wizard Stone' in mystic circles. Labradorite is often used at the New Moon for revelations, manifestation work, and serious astral/shamanic work. From my experiences with it, it's not an everyday stone. Sister stone of Moonstone, Labradorite is a shimmery gem with flashes of 'fire', called 'Labradorescence'. Discovered in 1770 on the Labrador Peninsula, from whence it gets its name. Labradorite beads may be naturally enhanced with sterling silver beads and silver jewelry findings. Also lovely with Pearls, Rainbow Moonstone and Iolite. Sorry, but scans & pics are hard to pick up inner fire. If you like Labradorite, you may LOVE Spectrolite.
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