Jet Beads

Jet Beads - Jet was important to many ancient civilizations, including the Chinese, Europeans, Greeks and Native American Zuni Indians. It was considered protective against illness, the evil-eye and personal attacks. It is believed that the Jet "absorbs" any illness or negative energies, thereby protecting its wearer. Jet is sometimes referred to as "Black Amber" or "Witch's Amber". Genuine Jet, just like genuine Amber, is rather difficult to find today, hence, it is more costly -- but worth it! Our Jet is AA to A Grade. Black jet is unusually light for it's size and when mixed with Pearls it gives you a sophisticated design look. Mix with true Amber for a Witchy treat! PLEASE NOTE : Our Jet Beads are from Mongolia & Russia. Our Jet Beads are NOT "American Jet Beads" -- which are actually Charcoal by the way!!! BE CAREFUL!!!! True Jet Beads are becoming harder and harder for us to Get, so Grab them While You Can! -- ALL SOLD OUT FOR NOW!! HOPEFULLY WE CAN FIND SOME REAL JET AGAIN SOON!
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ZSOLDOUT - Jet Beads, Jet Nuggets, avg 16x14mm