Large Cornetto Coral Horn Pendant
Large Cornetto Coral Horn Pendant

Cornicello Pendant with Red Coral Inlay, Large Cornetto Coral Horn for Good Luck

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Large Cornetto Coral Horn Pendant
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Strega Cornuto Pendant Necklace, Corno Pendants, or Cornicello Pendants are an Italian amulet of ancient origin. Corno means "horn" and cornicello means "little horn". In Italy people wear the Cornicello - an amulet of Good Luck used for protection against the Evil-eye curse. Traditionally, it consists of a twisted horn-shaped charm often made of gold, silver, bone, or red coral. A regionally popular talisman in Italy and in America among descendants of Italian immigrants. According to some Calabrese traditions, the horn was once modeled after a chili pepper, due to its abundance in the region. These Cornetto Pendants are Hand-inlaid with Red Coral pieces. They are 3-dimensional, each is unique and they measure overall approximately just over 2-inches long by just under 3/4-inches at the top golden-brass cap tapering into the horn-shape.