How We Make Our Post Earrings and Castings-on-Castings

Just a quick glimpse into how we make our Post Earrings / Stud Earrings & Our Castings-on-Castings Pieces. This is a continuation of the Lost Wax Casting Method -- We thought we'd give you a glimpse of how we make our earrings & casting-on-casting items too!

Step 1
Line 'em up on the soldering table & fire away!

For Small production jobs, like this recent order, we use a butane torch
(our "Portable Dragon" as Michelle likes to call it at the Renaissance Faires).
For the lost-wax-casting method (used for charms, pendants, components, etc.), an acetylene-oxygen torch is used (produces a MUCH higher temperature needed to smelt .999 Fine Silver & Copper.
To join, we use solder paste and/or soldering wire (.925).

Step 2
Snip, Clip & File

After joining pieces or soldering on earring posts, each item is hand-clipped & sanded.

Step 3
Pickel (not Pickle!)

Items then go into a pickeling bath to remove any fire scale.

Step 4
Patina / Antiquing

To bring out fine details, items are then placed in a Patina / Antiquing solution before the tumbling action begins.

Step 5, Step 6, Step 7
Tumbling, Tumbling, Tumbling

This is our small tumbler used for smaller production jobs.
Each batch then goes through three (yes 3) tumbling stages in either Stainless Steel Shot or Ceramic!
A total of 5 hours per batch!!

Step 8
Viola! -- They're Finally Done (well, almost!)

After last tumble (which lasts 2-3 hours), the items are removed from the shot & are laid out to dry.

Finally, Items are Hand-Sorted & Shipped off to You!