10mm Rondelle Black Flecked Goldstone Beads
10mm Rondelle Black Flecked Goldstone Beads

Goldstone Beads, Black Flecked 10mm Rondelle

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CLEARANCE 10mm Rondelle Black Flecked Gold Stone Beads
Size : 10mm x 10mm x 5.5mm
Count : avg 65+ beads / strand
Style / Shape : Rondelle
Sold by : Strand - must take last 2 strands

Gold Stone Beads | Goldstone Beads - Goldstone is actually not gold nor is it a stone. It's really thousands of shiny flecks of metal in a medium of glass which was invented by accident in the 19th century. In the case of Brown Goldstone, the suspended metal is Copper! Gold Stone Beads have grown in popularity due to their beautiful luster, and are often sold and used with gemstone beads.This man-made 'gemstone' shimmers with every move. Really stands out when used with Black Onyx