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Fairy Goddesses


Greine, House of the Sun, is a Celtic Solar Goddess; a crone goddess who awakens the fertility of the earth every Spring. Her priestesses dwelt in "Griannon", sun houses. Also called Grian, Grainne (hatefull goddess), Grania, or Grian of the Bright Cheeks, she devolved into the fairy Queen of Leinster, Ireland. Cnoc Greine, in Lienster, is her sacred hill.

There are several legends about Grian. When Conall's sons attacked the stronghold of her father, King Cormac Mac Art, she ran them down and turned them into badgers. Most of Grian's legends center on her elopement with Diarmuid of the Love Spot. Cormac had promised Grian in marriage to Finn MacCool, the head of his bodyguards. But the willful Grian had her own ideas about marrying the aged Finn, and things when awry at the wedding.

Heroes gathered to celebrate the wedding feast, and Grian offered herself to each man in turn, until Diarmuid accepted her advances. There are versions of the tale in which the handsome Diarmuid is the only one Grian wants, but he is too afraid of Finn's wrath to respond. the usual version of the story is that Grian fell in love with Diarmuid after she glimpsed the magickal spot on his forehead that rendered any woman who saw it, hopelessly in love with him.

Defying her father, Grian used magick to escape from Tara and elope with Diarmuid. They slept in separate tents at first, and it took several nights before she was able to have her way with him. Relentlessly pursued by Finn MacCool, they wandered the length and bredth of Ireland for sixteen years, camping outdoors. Piles of stones called "the bed of Diarmuid and Griana" were once a common site in Ireland. A cloak of invisibility helped Grian to escape capture. After many adventures, the intercession of the love god Angus and Finn enabled the couple to finally rejoin the community and live together in peace. They had four sons together.

Diarmuid was killed by a boar while hunting. Grian blamed Finn MacCool for this and swore vengeance upon him, but he was able to seduce her into accepting him and they were finally married.

Invoke Grian for sorcery, fairy magick, wisdom, battle, transformation, working with herbs, solar magick, invisibility, fertility, making your own choices, being responsible for the consequences of your actions, and for the fertility of the earth. The Sun is her planet.

Morgan the Fairy (Morgan Le Fay or Morgan L`a F`ee), Queen of Avalon, is the half-sister of the legendary King Arthur. She is also the mother of Sir Mordred by him. She is a mysterious, complicated figure who takes several forms in Celtic mythology, British legends, and Anglo-French literature. To Celts she was the Winter Goddess of Death and Darkness, and a sovereignty goddess. Some see her as a Celtic queen, and/or a pagan priestess. She is said to dwell with her eight sisters in Avalon, the Fairy other-world where they brought Arthur after his final battle.

Morgan Le Fay is also a literary figure, a Christianized version of the Celtic goddess Morgen. The evil things she did to Arthur were actually tests of his suitability for kingship, misinterpreted by Christian re-tellers of the ancient tales. This explains her conflicting roles as both black witch and Arthur's healer/protector. It is also why there is no tale of Morgan and Merlin battling it out magickally as representatives of the opposing forces of good and evil.

King Accolon of Gaul is Morgan's lover in some myths. She is the mother of Yvain/Owein as well as Mordred/Modred. Morgan Le Fay is associated with both the mystical Isle of Avalon and with the Orkney Islands, Scotland. She is described as an old woman who is ever young and beautiful, and is usually depicted with dark hair or with red hair.

Call upon Morgan Le Fay for magick, enchantment, sorcery, glamoury, art, shape-shifting, healing, protection, witchcraft, sex magick, female power, lunar magick, and creating magickal weapons.

Perchta or Percha, the Elf Woman, is a Germanic Sun and Mother goddess. She is a White goddess whose titles include Shining One and Bride of the Sun.

Perchta has long white hair and wears a white cloak. She can be seen moving through fields, like mist. The matron of spinning, she cannot tolerate laziness or wastefullness. Perchta punishes the lazy and the wasteful by scratching their faces, or by scratching their stomachs open.

Invoke Perchta for fertility, spinning, and the fertility of cattle and sheep. The sun is her planet. The last day of Yule is sacred to her. Pancakes are traditionally made in her honor then, and the remains of the meal left as offerings for her. It is said that anyone who tries to spy on Perchta when she comes will go blind that year.

Rodenica (or Rozhenica) is a glowing white Slavic fairy goddess. Originally the Lady, creator of the universe with her consort Rod, the Lord, she developed into a fairy during the Christian era. Rodenica and her daughter are said to appear at a baby's birth, in order to divine the child's fate.

Invoke Rodenica for creation, divination, and fairy magick. Ritual foods that may be eaten in her honor include mead, bread, porridge, and cottage cheese.

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