Sterling Silver Kissing Dolphins Jewelry
Sterling Silver Kissing Dolphins Jewelry

Sterling Silver Dolphins Charm-Pendant, Kissing

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Jewelry Customization
Charm-Pendant with Jump Ring Only
on 16" SS Chain & Boxed [+$15.00]
on 18" SS Chain & Boxed [+$17.00]
Sterling Silver Dolphin Pendants or Dolphin Necklace
Size : 22mm x 20mm
Dimensional -- See 3rd Pic, especially
Metal : .925 Solid Sterling Silver
Dolphin Jewelry - Made in the USA
Charm and pendant measurements do not include the length of any removable attachments. These will vary some, but a standard jump ring would add about 4mm (~1/8") onto the overall length.
Sold by : Charm-Pendant or Necklace
made in the usa


Many cultures around the world have a story of creation that involves Dolphin like creatures. Dolphins teach us: Harmony of mind, body and spirit Balanced emotional and mental self; To be open to living in more than one environment; Harmony within duality; Help and protection; To enjoy our sexuality; The value of touch as a means of support and healing; Communication through telepathy and sound; The value of play; To flow with life.



Sterling Silver Dolphin Charm-Pendant with Gemstone - CUSTOM MADE
BACK ORDER - MADE UPON ORDER ITEM - Please See Details for Lead-time
Sterling Silver Dolphin Earrings, Kissing
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Gold Plated Dolphin Charm-Pendant, Kissing
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