Dinosaur Bone Cab, Gembone Cabochon

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These designer Dinosaur Bone cabochons were hand cut in-studio and are for jewelry making purposes. Beautiful cell structure on these Gembone Cabs and stable as well. Original gemstone material is old stock from Colorado. You'll receive your choice, please see details below :

Stone : Agatized Dinosaur Bone (dino bone / gembone / petrified dinosaur bone)

Country of Origin : USA

Treatment : None

Handmade in the USA cut and polished in-house.

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A - SOLD - Long Shield / Talon - 44mm x 15.5mm x 5.7mm - 30.5-carat weight

B - Triangle - 19mm x 14mm x 5.4mm - 8.0-carat weight

C - Pear - 22mm x 18mm x 5.7mm - 16.0-carat weight

D - Small Shield - 25mm x 19mm x 5.6mm - 18.5-carat weight

These finished Cabochons were photographed in Natural Sunlight up-close to show details - Measurements are listed in millimeters at longest points to closest mm - Please refer to size chart picture - Color may appear slightly different, depending on your monitor settings and the light source.

Rocky Ridge Lapidary by Michelle of SilverEnchantments.com designer cabochons are always handmade and diamond polished. The backside of our cabochons are considered matte semi-finished, and will generally have a slight edge bevel to reduce the chance of chipping should you wish to bezel-set. There are exactly 25.4mm to an inch.