Quartz Crystal Pendulum | Rock Crystal Jasper Pendulum
Quartz Crystal Pendulum | Rock Crystal Jasper Pendulum

Quartz Crystal | Rock Crystal Pendulum Teardrop Gemstone Pendulum with Pouch for Energy work, Dowsing, and Divination

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Crystal Pendulums are powerful metaphysical tools. Overall this Quartz Crystal Jasper pendulum measures almost 7-1/2-inches in length. The Teadrop-shaped bob measures just over 1-inch. The silver plated chain is capped with a 6mm Rock Crystal Bead. Comes in a Drawstring Pouch (shown) with a Helpful Programming-Attunement Card. This is a One-of-a-Kind Item -- You'll receive the EXACT Pendulum Pictured.

Quartz Crystal is the Universal Stone - A pure and powerful energy source. It amplifies, focuses, stores and transfers energy and is considered a Master Healer.


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