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How To Add Charms To Bracelet or "How to Create A Charm Bracelet"

The only tools required to apply a charm to a bracelet are two pair of small needle nose pliers, or tweezers that most people have around the house.

open jumpring in a slight twisting motion Step #1:
Find the break in the ring and hold it with the two pair of pliers, one on each side of the break. With a pair of pliers in each hand and the ring parallel with your body. Push away with one hand and pull toward you with the other. The ring should open as shown in the picture to the left. Never open the ring by pulling on both sets of pliers as this will weaken the ring and is almost impossible to put back together.
add charm to the ring Step #2:
Add the charm to the ring as shown at left.
add opened ring with charm to bracelet location Step #3:
Add the opened ring with the charm to the bracelet at the desired location as shown at left.
gently twist the ring closed attaching charm to the bracelet Step #4:
Close the ring by reversing the procedure in step one. Be sure that both ends are even and completely closed. If you have problems getting the ring to match, go a little past center and push the pliers toward each other to bring the ends closer to each other.

All of our sterling silver charms come with a ring called a jump-ring (unless bailed or component item). The ring is not a solid ring; it is a circle where both ends meet and is used to add charms to a charm bracelet or connect a clasp to a chain or bracelet.

If you look closely at the jump-ring that connects the clasp to a bracelet or chain you will notice that usually it is not soldered, this is for a reason. It is strong enough to hold the clasp under normal wear, however if for some reason you were to accidentally hang the bracelet or chain on something, this is usually where it will break. This serves two purposes. First, it allows the clasp to be inexpensively replaced rather than having to replace the whole chain or bracelet. Secondly, if the bracelet or chain were to hang, usually it will break at the jump-ring causing little or no damage to the wrist or neck. It is our opinion that a jump-ring on a bracelet or chain should not be soldered for these two reasons, especially for small children.

If you are rough on jewelry, or would like to have your charms more secure, have them soldered on. This can usually be done by a local jewelry store for a small charge.

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